Season 3 Premiere! Charlotte County Archives - St.Andrews NB

Hello all, I'm baaack!

What an epic location this is, the Charlotte County Archives is located in the beautiful St. Andrews by the sea in New Brunswick

Here is an image of the Charlotte County Archives. I just love this building, such character!

I also mentioned the Court House that sits next door, this building also has it's own paranormal stories. Some of which I relayed in the episode. The ghost tours conducted by Miss. Demeanor also include the courthouse.

Now I want to dive into the Images and proof out of this location. Much of the images were sent to me from the Ghost Walks of St. Andrews By the Sea Facebook Page. So thank you to Felicity and to all of the wonderful people on her page that post their photos and experiences.

Below you'll see to photos taken by guests on the ghost walk. This is in the old Cell block and they noticed what look like little hoof prints? These photos were posted at two different times by two different people. Felicity had mentioned that a jailer brought a goose in for christmas dinner and that the goose froze to death in the winter cold...I wonder if these are the webbed footprints? they do look hoof like...what do you think? The poster of the second picture said that they checked for condensation but didn't see anything. When they touched the prints, they were cold and wet but it became sticky when their fingers were rubbed together. Very strange.

This was an interesting image taken where you see these vertical bars through the image. Felicity sent me a photo of the doors to the cells to show that it can't be a reflection or looking through a cell door...why wouldn't there be bars across in the image as well?

This image is a neat one. There is a light coming from a cell. Now two things...a man sadly hung himself in this cell in the 70s AND there are no lights in the cells. So how could this be?

Face in window

I did say that sometimes people will see faces and figures in the windows when there is no one in there...or even when the window is covered. Here are some of those photos.

Woman's Face(bottom)

Of course, there are many images of strange anomalies, which you'll see below. Smoke that was not present when the photos were taken. Faces that appear (bottom right), figures in doorways (top right, bottom middle). Remember we know that a woman did die on the cell block, the jailer's wife who succumbed to her injuries when a spark caught her dress on fire. Maybe this is the woman that is seen on the cell block?

Here is a video of a something strange caught on camera. What I find really interesting about this is that even when the light changes, there's a flash and light turned on, it doesn't change. Then suddenly it's gone. If you have any ideas or theories, let me know!

Below is the video I was talking about where the light turns on and off in the courthouse. If you notice, no one around it really seems to notice.

Here is the video I talked about where a voice was caught on video saying 'Get yer knife' very loudly! This video kind of freaks me out, you can hear that the group is chatting and don't even hesitate ...it's so out of place!

Something else that is talked about consistently in the courthouse is this wall of portraits. Often hand prints will show up on the fabric wall.

This image below was taken in the courthouse and it looks like someone is sitting behind this partition. see the closeup on the right.

This is a great video from an investigation by the Greater Moncton Paranormal Society. It's only 5 minutes! At about 1 minute in, you'll see the part where Felicity asks 'what makes the growling sound.'

Now I want to show you the images that Felicity caught that blow my mind. These were taken when she went back into the cell block after a tour as she had forgotten something. She set her lantern down and noticed a red light behind the gallows at the end of the cell block...what could that be? She decided to take a photo. In the photo you'll see her lantern on the right side and then at the end, a strange light/figure?

She blew up the image and believes that this is a man, it does look like a side profile of a man. Now she showed a friend and fellow paranormal enthusiast who said, didn't you see the man by your lantern. He zoomed it in for her...

This is so crazy to me! Wow! Now if you look again at the main photo, you can see a figure sitting by the lantern but it is very dark. If he hadn't noticed and lightened up the photo, we may never have seen this incredible catch!

Thank you so much to the Charlotte County archives please check out their website here , their facebook page here and they can be found on twitter @ccarchives1 and finally, they do have a youtube channel that can be found here .

Don't forget to check out the Merch line is out today!


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