Season 3 Episode 26, Legends Part 2

Hi all, I hope you enjoyed today's episode! I know I really packed in the stories with this one, there are so many good ones.

Let's start with the headless nun of Miramichi, NB. Since this is a story from the mid 18th century, there isn't a lot photo wise that I can show you. However, here is a picture of French Fort Cove, which as I said is a provincial park now.

There is a really cool event that runs in the summer called Dare the Dark. A ghost tour type experience specifically about the Headless Nun. Now I will say, I have looked into any tours specifically this year and I haven't seen anything yet. If you're in the area, keep your eye out.

The next story we talked about is the story of Penelope, who is said to roam the halls of Shirreff Hall at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. What a beautiful campus.

The picture to the right shows a tower on the top left, I believe that this is the 'Bell Tower'. Dalhousie and it's students over the years definitely seem to embrace the story of Penelope, there are some articles, usually around Halloween that pop up on their site. There's no doubt that Penelope is kind of a ghostly mascot for the school and for sure Shirreff hall.

Now something that I like to look up when I'm looking into a story is what would these people have looked like back then. I think this is something that can sometimes be overlooked, the description of Penelope is an ethereal, flowing blue dress....this is what comes to mind for me:

BUT, is this something we would see in the 1920s? Not so much...of course it's possible, but this just wasn't the style back then. The 1920s were a time of liberation, the corsets came off and it was all about the straight silhouette and calf length dresses. So here are some examples of gowns that could have been worn in the 1920s...keep in mind, these are pretty fancy and chances are, a younger, university aged student would have opted for the more popular shorter style.

I could see one of these more decade appropriate styles being a dress that could be ghostly and ethereal looking...not as much as the other one but I could see it. I would love to talk more to someone who has seen Penelope and hear more about the detail of the dress style.

Next story that we talked about is the White Lady of Gray Island Cemetery in NB! I love this story! There is a great blog post here that has some great photos and information. It's hard to find a photo of what the statue looked like originally, or even what the head looked like before it went missing. In this blog, this author took a still shot from a video from back in 2001:

These are the eyes that supposedly originally had Rubies set into them...also that will apparently become human and cry blood if you should circle her three times.

As you can see in this image, these are the graves of the Steeves family. this is obviously more recent, as you can see, the head is no longer on the statue.

The next legend I spoke about is the OGOPOGO! Like I said, this one is near and dear to my heart because I used to keep a lookout for the ogopogo anytime we were near the Okanagan.

Here is a great graphic to show where the Okanagan is and how it's laid out. As I said, I am most familiar with the central portion, Peachland, Summerland, Kelowna and Penticton.

Something I found out in looking into some of Canada's cryptids...there are A LOT of similar, serpent like sea monsters throughout the country. Now of course this one for me is famous where as Champy might be famous for other Canadians.

I tried to find the picture of me standing with the Ogopogo statue and I have no idea where it is! If I find it, I'll put it up on instagram. Tell me, what cryptid is popular in your area!

Here is that amazing site, check out the evidence that has been found.

The last story I talked about is McBurney Park in Kingston, ON. Otherwise known as Skeleton Park.

Here is an image of the attempted exhumation, like I said, it's wild to see that they were doing everything by hand, no equipment etc. I can kind of understand why they essentially gave up. You can also see in the background how close the houses were.

Here is a photo of 'Skeleton Park' as it stands today. I would love to check it out during a full moon.

Thanks so much for tuning in again. Next week, Haunted Historical homes... find out what famous writer is connected to one of the locations.


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