Season 3 - Episode 25! Canadian Legends Part 1

Hello! I hope you have enjoyed the episode today, I love talking about these Legends and Part two will be out on the 22nd. So we covered three legends and as I said, some of them are steeped in myth and others seem to have more facts to back them up.

The first one we spoke about was the legend of Simon McTavish, the tobogganing spirit of Montreal.

Here is a rendering of the mansion...can you imagine walking by and seeing a creature dancing on the roof in the moonlight!? creepy.

This is the Mosoleum as it would have looked back then, it would eventually also be demolished as it was a beacon for vandals and robbers.

Today, there is a monument that remembers McTavish.

Next, let's talk about the Fire ship of the Baie de Chaleur, I love this story!

I wish I could tell you that I have some images of this phenomenon but I haven't been able to find any or at least not good quality ones. I really want to know what you think about this story. Drop a comment below or go to instagram or facebook and let me know your theories!

Finally, Nes Cemetery. All that remains to be seen of this site is a simple sign bearing the name Nes Cemetery and a lone Stone Angel. As I said, this area is extremely dangerous and though there isn't much visible above ground, there is much danger lurking under the marshy ground.

I can't wait for you all to hear the next episode.


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