Season 3 Ep24 - Capitol Theatre and the Algonquin Resort

Hello all, welcome back, thanks so much for listening and I hope you all enjoyed this episode.

So first let me show you this beautiful theatre, that is the Capitol. Located in Moncton, New Brunswick.

I love to see a beautiful and restored building like this. You can see some of the ornate detail here. This is one of the most beautiful theatre's I've ever seen. You know the acoustics will be out of this world here.

There is a virtual tour on their website that is really neat, if you'd like to take a little peak inside. Check that out here.

There is also a place on the website to donate, If you're able to, I encourage you to do so. The arts (along with many places of course) are really suffering during this pandemic. If you're able to support the Theatre in this way just head to the website https://capitol.nb.ca/en/support-the-capitol

There are some great up and coming shows to check out as well and those are all listed on the site with the Covid 19 measures.

Check out their Facebook page here

Next I spoke about the Algonquin Resort, this is such a beautiful location I want to visit so bad! I don't know if I would be brave enough to book room 473 where the Crying Bride Stayed...or 478, where Benjamin and his mother are believed to have stayed...or really anywhere on the 4th floor. Would you!?

Take a look at this STUNNING Resort, I am here for the vibe of this place.

I was told by the resort that there are alot of June promotions and the Pool is slated to open June 1st. Be sure to check out their website https://www.algonquinresort.com/

Of course travel and vacations are difficult during this time but hopefully things will begin to open up soon. Remember that the Bride's suite is booking about a year in advance...that could be the perfect opportunity to book now, for next summer!

Here are some more images of the Resort!

Here is an image of the Algonquin before the fire, circa 1890s.

click for source

And this is the hotel after the expansion.

So you can see the expanded wing on the left. If you look back at the hotel as it looks now, it's nice to see the similarities in design. Of course the new Resort was more modern once rebuilt but I like that they kept the overall feel of the original hotel, it wasn't a complete re imagining.

Remember, the fire destroyed the majority of the hotel because it was primarily wooden. The only remaining parts were the concrete from the expansion. These parts were re-used in the re construction.

Here is an article of the fateful fire that destroyed the Algonquin. Half a million dollars back then would have been a HUGE amount of money! I'm still amazed however of their ability to turn things around and build a replacement hotel.

Here is an article talking about the re-opening!

I also just wanted to include some photos of what wedding dresses would have looked like in 1915, if our bride in question was wearing a current style. I would love to know if the people who have seen her, would describe her in a dress resembling one of these. The photos really capture the wispy nature of the veils!

Please check out the social media outlets for the Algonquin Resort:

Instagram @algonquinstandrews

Facebook Here

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