Season 2 Premiere - Black Creek Pioneer Village - Episode 14

** amid the covid 19 pandemic, many of us find ourselves practising social distancing. So take this time to enjoy your family, to read, to create and to listen to podcasts. There are so many great ones out there. I pushed this episode through and I'm hoping to get at least one more out for you all shortly. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! **

I'm so happy to be back! I really hope you enjoyed the episode today about the amazing location Black Creek Pioneer Village. This is a location that is on my list of places to visit, I would love to take the haunted walk as well as just check the location out during the day. If you have visited this location or if you've been on the haunted walk, please let me know how it was and if you experienced anything of note! Remember if you do visit, let them know how you heard about it.

Now let's take a look at the Stong Family. Remember, the Stong's came to Canada in the loyalist migration following the American Revolution. If you would like to read more about this, click HERE . The Stong's were originally known as Stang's and were known as Pennsylvania-Germans who were among the largest group in the migration. The Pennsylvania - Germans were known as Pennsylvania-Dutch because American's found it difficult to pronounce 'Deutsch.' I think that's such an interesting little tidbit about how that all evolved.

Daniel and Elizabeth Stong settled in Black Creek and built their first modest home. Black Creek Pioneer Village is in Toronto, Ontario, check out the map in the Map/Tours tab if you'd like to plan your trip there. For our friends in the United States, it's really not too far for those of you in the northeast.

Looking at the home that they first built and lived with their growing family...it's easy to see how by the time the family was finished growing to a family of TEN, that a larger home would become a necessity. Thus was built the red two story home referred to as Second House.

It's in the Second House that the Stong's son Michael unfortunately passed away, sadly succumbing to a injury sustained in a hunting accident. The staff believe that it's Michael they hear walking around the upper level. He is also known to be a bit mischievous, in the episode I talk about an employee seeing one of the doorway rope's swinging wildly...when he said 'Michael, stop that!' and the rope stopped immediately. Michael seems to crave the company of his peers and Rowena said that the activity seems to increase when teenagers enter the building on a tour.

The next place I talked about is one of the buildings that is not original to the place but don't be mistaken, the building is authentic to the same time period. This is a building known as the Halfway House. Now I don't know about you guys, but when I heard the name of this building, I thought of the modern definition of a 'halfway house' and what that means today. Well, I was truly a little surprised that it was in fact and inn. It was given the name the Halfway House because it was halfway between Toronto and Kingston, it became a marker for those travelling the route, they would stop for a rest or sustenance from the Inn's tavern.

Today in a vehicle, this trip would be about 2hrs and 40 minutes

It's hypothesized by the fact that Alexander Thompson had a lot of other jobs and responsibilities under his hat, that Mary Ann Thompson would have been the main person running the Inn. Especially because the majority of the work would have been domestic work. After Alexander passed away in 1867, Mary Ann licensed the Inn herself until 1872. I would think that this is a big reason why she still hangs around. It's believed that Mary Ann is the woman in blue/grey that is seen around the home and in the home. This is the woman from my favourite story that Rowena told me about her collegue and the ONE guest who saw the woman in Blue walking toward the Halfway House...at the same time Rowena and the other guest were seeing NOTHING. very cool!

This is also the location where Rowena said they have heard of sightings of another spirit recently. A man in a top hat. If you'll remember the story about the test audience that Rowena was a part of where they all heard a knock at the door. When the door was opened, there was no one there. A passing group and their guide were walking nearby just before the knock and had seen a man in a top hat approaching the home. I said that I would include a map, check it out below.

So as you can see, Rowena had said that Burwick house is not far from Halfway House, it's just kitty corner. I'm not sure exactly which way the tour group was approaching Burwick but it's definitely plausible that someone would be able to see pretty clearly, someone approaching the Halfway House.

As you can see by this image, this is typical 19th Century

fashion for men. So as you can see, for the time period of

the village, a man in a top hat would have been completely


The man with the top hat has also been seen by people,

sitting down in one of the front rooms of the halfway house.

Could the top hatted man have been the man walking in the

dark that Rowena had seen that night in the town? Maybe?

The next place of note is the Manse, the definition of a Manse is the house occupied by the minister of a Presbyterian church. This particular building was originally in Richmond Hill and known as...yes...the Richmond Hill Manse.

This is the location where most people feel a negative presence. It's pretty common for people to stop at the door and choose not to go in. Now we talked about the common sight of a man in profile, silhouetted in the dark with a distinct nose.

This is the 'drawing' that I believe Rowena was speaking about. This would be the Rev. William Jenkins. From what I read about him, he definitely seemed like he would have been a strict force. Though I didn't see anything that suggested that he was a bad person. This is why I don't necessarily agree with the description of malevolent. However, I have not experienced the feeling in that home, nor do I know Jenkins personally. So it's very interesting that those feelings are so strongly felt in the building. Children are so much more sensitive to spirits and the little one who refused to go in the Manse and said "Mean man inside".

The last building that I spoke about is Burwick House, this is another building that was brought in. I couldn't find much about the original owners, if you know, please let me know.

This is the home where it's believed that a woman who lost a child and a young boy are said to haunt this building. If you look back at the Map above you'll see where the employee was sitting, on the steps of the Halfway house, when she radio'd to Rowena, telling her there was a little boy in front of Burwick House. It was confirmed to her that a child should not have been in the town at that time. As she got closer, the boy just disappeared. There is supposedly a baby cradle in one of the rooms where people either see or sense a woman, sadness, mourning. I'm not sure if the little boy and the woman are linked or not.

There is a book that you can read online and there are many stories from Burwick house, simply click HERE

Rowena and I talked about the fact that some of the paranormal activity could also be linked to objects or even the land in Black Creek. Yes, there are some known people connected to the buildings that we can surmise are most likely their identities. But perhaps some of these others are linked to other things. Perhaps the woman mourning...is connected to that very cradle, we'll never really know!

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until next time

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