Season 2: Episode 22 - Humber College and Grey Nuns Mother House

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so just a reminder that this is the last episode before the 2020 Halloween countdown. I can't wait for the countdown this year, there will be some amazing giveaways, so make sure you stay checked into my social media accounts for your chance to win!

So first let's take a look at Mimico Asylum in Toronto.

Here you can see, the separate buildings and below I'll post a picture of what the Humber College Campus looks like today. Like I said in the episode, there were few records kept or maybe they were just lost/destroyed. So what really happened in these walls is largely as mystery. We can make assumptions based on other institutions that were in operation at the time and what was happening in the world of mental health treatment.

So you can see, that the buildings are of course updated but still mostly original.

We had talked about the use of lobotomies as a cure for mental health conditions. I found this amazing article with before and after photos and write-ups of patients who received lobotomies. It's really interesting and very sad to read about these patients. In the episode I talked about the fact that many doctors and researchers even admitted that the results were varied. You'll see this in these images https://www.vintag.es/2018/12/lobotomy-before-and-after.html

Here is the link that I talked about in this episode where there are many accounts and stories from this location. https://www.torontoghosts.org/index.php/the-city-of-toronto/etobicoke/194-the-former-lakeshore-psychiatric-hospital-?showall=1

The next location is the Concordia University Grey Nuns Building, formerly the Grey Nuns Mother House. This is such an interesting location, very, very rich in tragic history.

The first thing that we talked about were the brutal 1752 murders of Jean Favre and Mary Anne Bastien. This is a plaque that marks the tragedy.

You can also still see the red cross that was erected as a warning to anyone else who would think of committing a crime such as this. The cross is no longer directly over the body of Jean Baptiste Goyer, but his body is still under the ground where he was buried all those years ago.

The method of torture that was used to pull confession from Goyer was the Spanish Boot. His method of execution was by Torture Wheel.

Here is a page from the History of Montreal, where there is a write up about the murders and Goyer.

This is the vision of Margueritte D'Youville.

The tragic Fire that broke out on Valentines day of 1918 and killed at least 53 children in the buildings nursery was such a horrific event and like I mentioned, the tragedy was magnified by the fact that it was later revealed to be an arson. Bertha Courtmanche (sometimes referred to as Courtemarche) was arrested but there doesn't appear to be any information about what happened to her after. Here are some newspapers I found about the Fire and about Courtmanche.

So as you can read and imagine, it was pandemonium that night, I can't even imagine the horror of what happened that night. If you believe in imprinting and stone tape theory (as I do), the things that would have been recorded here, I think are proved in the fact that people claim to hear screaming and trampling feet, children crying etc.

Here is an excerpt from an article about Bertha Courtemanche

Thanks so much for listening, I can't wait for Halloween Countdown!!!


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