Season 2: Episode 21, Caribou Hotel & Nahanni Valley

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Hello all, I hope you enjoyed the episode this week. What a wild ride, I've been so excited to share these two stories and I've actually been sitting on both since last season. The Nahanni Valley blew my mind, being Canadian, I'm so shocked that I've never heard of this place and these legends before.

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First let's talk about the Caribou Hotel in Carcross, Yukon

The hotel is going to be amazing I think, it's clear that Ann and Jaimie #1 Love the Hotel and #2 have worked SO hard on this place. So currently the Surly Bird Saloon has been opened, the restaurant will be next and the rooms and rest of the hotel by 2021! I know I'll be planning my trip shortly there after.

This is a great photo of some of the renovations that have happened with this hotel, it's gone though much over the last decade with Ann and Jaimie.

Here are the two cell phone images

from the night that Ann and her

friend spent in the Hotel, on the

Anniversary of the Gideon's deaths.

So Ann and her friend had not

seen anything in the pictures

previous to these ones. They note

that in the second image, it looks

to the right like they're converging

into a more solid mass.

Now when I was sent these images, I had some technical difficulties. The second photo would not download...it would appear as though it was downloaded successfully. I had two differently numbered images but when I looked at them, it was just the first photo twice. How strange!? Maybe it was nothing but I have never experienced that before. I tried numerous times and it wouldn't work. Finally...not doing anything differently, I had both photos

As I said, you can visit seasonally currently. I will absolutely keep you all updated with the next openings for this location!

I hope all the best to the Caribou Hotel and Ann and Jaimie!

There's really not too much to share in terms of photos of Nahanni Valley, search for images and there are many images of the stunning landscape. I will be talking more about the cryptids in this location in an upcoming episode **wink wink**

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