Season 2: Episode 18 - The Black Donnellys

Hello, thanks so much for coming back again and listening but also in checking out the blog. I've been really excited for this episode, I've always known OF the Black Donnellys but my actual knowledge was not accurate so this was a really neat episode for me personally. As I said in my episode good job to Colleen and Shari on facebook and to @plastic_cheapies and @frost1616 for trying to guess my Donnellys Trivia...back when I thought everyone knew of them... so shout out to those lovely people who racked their brains!

Let's start!

I Mentioned a hand spike in the beginning of this episode as the weapon used by Patrick And John at the barn raising BEE. There are multiple versions of hand spikes and even something called a Hay Harpoon! but you get the gist...neither would be good to be hit in the head with.

Now with this episode because this story was covered up for SO many years, a lot of the images and items that belonged to the Donnellys are shared from family members who have only given specific permissions to specific people or organizations. So I'm going to share a couple websites were you can go to see these images etc.

http://www.donnellys.com/ this is a fantastic and very comprehensive site. You can check out images of the family, images of the house and a floor plan of the home etc.

https://www.donnellymuseum.com/ and of course this is another site that's a great resource. This is the Lucan Area Heritage and Donnelly Museum. When I spoke with Thomas from the museum he told me that one of the Donnelly descendants has loaned a large portion of the Donnelly items currently on display from his own collection. That's really amazing for him to provide those things to the museum, to help tell the story of his ancestors.

One thing I can share is the gravesite, using my favourite tool - Find A Grave

So here is the tombstone as it stands today. This is the tombstone that was replaced because of the upset over the original tombstone that listed the family members as MURDERED. You can see the old tombstone right here:

It's a little hard to see in this image but each victim says name, born, date, murdered, date. And it's this that drew so much attention...negative attention from the community but also attention from people interested in the story, who would come and treat the cemetery like a tourist attraction. As we heard from Thomas, the grave of the Donnellys can still be treated like an attraction with people chipping off pieces of the headstone as a souvenir...which...REALLY?

Yes, this is a crazy story and has reached a notoriety in many ways but we need to remember that this is a family who were brutally murdered, this was a family FIRST.

So let me know if you had heard of the family before, what you think about the story and if you've ever visited either of these locations.


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