Season 2: Episode 17 - Dunvegan & Lower Fort Garry

Hi Everyone, here are the images for these amazing sites, this was a really packed episode wasn't it? So many stories!

Below you'll see the Dunvegan Suspension Bridge, this is one of the main places that people report to see the Grey Lady, here and in the hills. Most of the sightings of her appear to be in the winter or during a thick fog. So the actual site is open in the summer but if you happen to be in the area in the winter, you may want to take a drive on the bridge.

I will also point out that Stephanie said there is a campground right by the historic site! So that's a good thing to know when planning your stop, maybe you'll want to stay the night.

So two of the buildings at Dunvegan and firstly...how beautiful! I'm just amazed by the incredible work that these people do with restoration of these old buildings. Anyways the Rectory as you'll remember from the story is where the Priest is said to be seen. Though some people do claim to see lights on the second floor and a silhouette of who they believe to be the Priest. This was the building where the woman had a vision of the Priest telling her the set up was incorrect. The staff, including Stephanie seem to believe that the Priest actually moved on after this issue was corrected. So check it out and see for yourself! It's good to have your eyes peeled but keep in mind that according to the staff, it appears as though the Priest moved on.

This is the Factor's House and this is the only building that Stephanie says can feel uncomfortable. It is a ways from the other buildings and the Visitors Centre. You'll see a map below to show you where this is in relation to the site.

I do think it's so interesting though that Stephanie said, strangely the night that a radio station was using a ouija board in here ... that it felt peaceful in here. Interesting!

Don't forget the Incredible fact that the Factor's House is the second oldest fur trade building left on it's ORIGINAL SITE...this is where it was built in 1874. That is amazing.

So as you can see, it's a bit of a trek to the Factor's house but what beautiful surroundings, worth the walk for sure and you'll walk right under the Dunvegan Bridge. Make sure to keep your eyes to the hills and maybe you'll see the Grey Lady in the hills.

So some people describe the Grey Lady wearing what looks like a nuns habit and others describe her as wearing a cloak. Stephanie did point out that there were no nuns at Dunvegan. So the thoughts that I had were, people are either mistaken and it was a woman in a cloak OR maybe this was a missionary, maybe just there for a short period of time?

So just for reference, I've been looking at Cloaks from around this time and of the Nun's Habit for this time and here are the photos that I've seen.

Keep in mind, these are just three examples...but there were SO MANY different options and designs. Not just for the women's apparel but to for the Nun's as well, there were many different examples. You can see that for someone just passing by or seeing an apparition in the distance, they could think the outfit to be either.

We will probably never know for sure who this woman was and what became of her.

But one thing we know for sure...MANY people have seen and continue to see the Grey Lady of Dunvegan.

Lastly there were two books that further mention the stories of Dunvegan. The first is More Ghost Stories Of Alberta By Barbara Smith found HERE and the other is Footsteps and Whispers by Elesa Willies found HERE.

Now lets move on to the amazing Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site. And here is an awesome image of the Fort. This location is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Buildings Covered in our Stories

The large building that you see in the centre of the Site is the Big House. It's within the Big House that you can find the Dean's Quarters where the man is said to have drank himself to death. This is also where the story from the Mess Hall took place. Two employees heard someone talking and a chair being dragged across the floor.

Next, you'll see the tiny little Ross Cottage, where the workers doing restoration walked into a disaster and a little girl dressed in period clothing muttering that she was sorry about the mess. That story gives me chills every time I think about it.

Next we talk about the Warehouse and it's here where there was a penitentiary for a time and we heard about the turnkey Thomas Slack. This is the building where he is said to have committed suicide. It is here where people claim to see a man in costume, sometimes behind a tour guide. He can also be seen from one of the third floor buildings.

The last place is the Fur Loft. This is where the night security guard saw a man, in period clothing sleeping on a pile of furs. When confronted he WALKED THROUGH A WALL. I love this security guard for running out and quitting on the spot that morning. That is a man after my own heart!

Easy to say that Lower Fort Garry has some of my favourite stories EVER. There are some places that I talk about where I feel if I could slap a Paranormal Guarantee on it...I would. I feel like this place is one where you'll at the VERY least feel something on your visit. If you have the opportunity to visit at night, TAKE IT! Make sure to keep posted on their website as Heather did say that they will do different events and especially around Halloween.

check out their website HERE

Don't forget to also check out the maps/tour tab to see where and how much it is to visit!


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