Season 2: Episode 16 - Ottawa Jail Hostel

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hi everyone, let's get into the amazing Ottawa Jail. ****correction needed, in the episode I said that the manager of the hostel's name is Erica, it is NOT, her name is ERIN! thanks so much Erin!****

So as I said in the episode, this amazing location is a HOSTEL! You can stay overnight! How freaking amazing. Book HERE, and email at ottawa.jail@hihostels.ca

Here are some images from the site of the BEAUTIFUL hostel interior. A fun little tidbit that I got from the Assistant General Manager Erin, is that the single cells offer the most 'authentic' jail experience and are the most popular...now here's the interesting thing, the cells are 3 ft by 9ft and she said it's just a little bit too small to fit a single IKEA mattress, so all of the jail beds were actually custom made!

Maybe that's just me...but I thought that was really interesting.

Please visit the website to book a room and even check out more amazing images. You can also check out the amenities available and all of the amazing activities nearby. They also give historical tours daily I believe.

Now let's talk about the Haunted Walk, what an amazing group of storytellers, if you happen to be lucky enough to go on one of their haunted walks, I have a feeling that it'll be something you will not soon forget. Please check out their website HERE and check out the tours available for Kingston, Toronto and Ottawa. Furthermore! Check out more from Jim Dean with his podcast Haunted Talks which you can find HERE, great content over there and as you can tell in this episode, Jim has a great voice, so it's a really good one to listen to. They also talk to some really interesting guests so make sure to check them out.

So let's get into some of the historical stuff that we got into. The big case you'll remember and one of the most talked about spirits is Patrick Whelan, who was hung on February 11th, 1869 for the murder of Thomas D'arcy Mcgee...but did he really do it? There is no doubt that in this day and age, there would not have been enough evidence to earn him a death sentence...and most likely not even ANY conviction.

Look how interesting this is! In searching for some things, this caught my eye. The placard says:

" Death Hand of Thomas D'arcy McGee, 1868, Plaster, Bytown Museum, N65.

Shot in the back of the head, the customary 'death mask' of the Victorian era would not befit Thomas D'arcy Mcgee. Violently disfigured by the assassin's bullet, a plaster cast of McGee's hand was made instead."

So interesting!

Now let's take a good look at Patrick Whelan...remember what Jim said, he looks like Will Ferrell with a beard. He wasn't kidding...

Take a good look, especially if you are planning to stay at the Ottawa Jail Hostel...many people have reported seeing him.

Below, I found some articles from the time, click the paper clipping to be taken to the full article.

Let me know what you think and of course if you go to this location PLEASE let me know how it goes, take lots of pictures and if you're brave enough, stay in Whelan's cell (#4)


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