Season 2: Episode 15, The Galt Hospital/The Rose and Crown & The Hermitage

I hope you all enjoyed the episode this week, this was a fun one because there was such a variety of stories and locations here. As usual please follow me on Facebook and Instagram @RealScaryPodcast and shoot me a five star rating wherever you listen!

First, let's talk about the Galt Hospital in Lethbridge, Alberta or the Galt Museum as it's known today.

This is the original hospital, what a beautiful building, it doesn't look like a hospital...apparently this wasn't a common architectural design for the area.

Here's another photo: it's neat to see these photos because this portion of the hospital doesn't exist anymore.

This image shows the new wing of the building that was built in 1910, it solved the issue of being short on patient beds and was also a school of nursing.

As I said, eventually the original building was demolished and then the new building became a Museum as seen below.

You can see above that there is a modern extension on the back but the brick building is the original 1910 Hospital. It's the second floor where the kids have been seen and it's the basement where George Bailey is usually seen.

Yes, let's take a look at that tragic accident with George Bailey in 1933, I don't know about you, but I have never heard anything like it. It's hard to even picture how this happened, I'm sure the others in the vicinity when it happened were just as dumbfounded.

I found this while looking through the papers at that time. So it looks like George Bailey's widow was awarded some money in her lawsuit against the Hospital. I wonder why she was only awarded 2,500 and not the full 25,000?

Make sure to check out the Map/Tour Tab to see how you can visit the Galt Museum! Let me know if you see anything strange.

Next I'm going to show you the Rose & Crown Pub in Calgary, Alberta

I love this building, it just looks like it has some interesting history. If you'll look up to the little window at the top, I believe that this is the window where people sometimes see the little boy.

Now this used to be a private home known as the Davidson House owned by David and Dora Davidson, both of whom passed away in the home. After this it was a funeral home, Park memorial and McInnis&Holloway until 1986.

A photo of the previous Funeral Home -Provided by Dennis

Remember the photo that I talked about in this episode, the photo that two friends had taken infront of the building. A key thing to note is that this was not taken on a digital camera, this was developed from film and when the friends saw what the photo captured...they were not interested in keeping it. They gave the photo to Dennis and it's actually on the Rose & Crown website. Here it is:

The Ghost Photo - Provided By Dennis

So tell me what you guys think about this! To me it looks like a little boy holding something, maybe towels? I would have kept the photo but I can understand how this would be really creepy for someone who might not want to keep it.

The nice thing about checking out this location is you'll get some good food an drink too!

The last story takes us to Hamilton, Ontario to 'The Hermitage' or 'The Hermitage Ruins'

This would be the site of the second house built by George Leith. From what I've been able to figure out, the site of the first house and most of the outbuildings are still there in ruins...at the very least, the building foundation outlines can still be seen.

Here's a great image of where the original buildings were - click the photo to go to the Hamilton Paranormal page, it's a great site with comprehensive coverage of the Hermitage and it's history.

Here is an aerial view of the site and according to the legend, Otto Ives buried William Black at the crossroad near the hermitage where Lovers Lane and Sulphur Spring road split off.

William Black's Possible Burial Site

Now that you've seen what the Hermitage looks like today, you can see how unsettling it would be to see a figure passing by the upper floor windows...when you know there are no floors...

I would love to check out this site, if you're in the Ancaster, Ontario are make sure to check it out. Click on the map/tours tab and check out some of the resources for Hermitage tours.

I hope you will join me for the next episode, I'll be talking about an amazing Curios shoppe with some WILD stories and then I'll be talking about a historical hotel with more than it's share of paranormal experiences.

until next time....

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