Histories and Mysteries Part 2

Hey Everyone, I hope you enjoyed the last part of Histories and Mysteries with my lovely Breanne. I know that since we recorded, she has been messaging me ideas for the next time we do this. So hopefully this has been received well, don't be shy, let us know if you'd like to hear more! Remember that next week is the premiere episode on Halloween! So make sure to listen in, I'll be talking about an amazing residential home in Drumheller, AB.

So this week we talked about two cases and actually I have many more photos and evidence for you all in the Bella in the Wych Elm case. So without further ado, let's get started. So the first

thing that you need to see is an example of a wych elm. I believe this is the actual Wych Elm from this case. So as Breanne said, it looks like a "tornado of branches". You can see why this would look like a great place to look for birds nests. I'm not even sure how the boys got close enough to climb up!

Once Farmer had climbed up the tree and reached inside he saw something white and though it was an egg. He would soon learn however, it was nothing of the sort. He would pull from the tree a human skull. Now as I mentioned in the episode, the bones of 'Bella' are no where to be found now, whether they have just been lost to time and being moved from station to station...or someone made them disappear...we may never know. BUT photos of her skull have been used to create an idea of what 'Bella' may have looked like. Check out the photos below.

So in these photos you will see the skull, with some scalp and hair still attached and this was as it was found on that day. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Who_put_Bella_in_the_Wych_Elm%3F#/media/File:Bella_Skull.jpg) The next photo is of the distinct teeth, they thought that this would definitely help to narrow down their search for her identity. (https://theunredacted.com/the-hagley-woods-mystery-bella-in-the-wych-elm/ ) and the last photo is a digital reconstruction of what they believe 'Bella' may have looked like. This was done using the photographs of the skull since the skull is missing. (http://mentalfloss.com/article/541525/digital-reconstruction-reveals-face-murder-victim-bella-wych-elm ).

Below you'll find another piece of evidence that I did show Breanne during the show, this is a drawing of the evidence they collected when 'Bella' was removed. They were able to determine a lot...however nothing brought them any closer to her identity.

Now, moving on to the mysterious graffiti, as I mentioned, the first instance was reported in Birmingham, which (for people like me, who don't know they're way around...) as you can see on this map, is pretty close to Hagley Wood.

This is an example of the Graffiti that shows up periodically over the last number of years. This is on an Obelisk that is closer to the actual site of the Wych Elm.

So many questions! Note the spelling...is this on purpose? Who is doing this? After all of these years is it just people doing it too keep the legend alive?

we may never know any of the answers to these questions....

The last bit of business with 'Bella' is her missing hand, as I told Breanne an anthropologist believed that this could have been related to a ritual called the Hand of Glory. The ritual was basically the ritual of removing the hand of a hanged murderer, more specifically, 'the hand that did the deed'. It would then be pickled using specific ingredients and methods. Furthermore, the fat from the corpse would be made into candles and supposedly the hair from the dead man would be used as a wick. The candles would then be lit and the power it gave was apparently the power to open any door it came in contact with, it also apparently made anyone in close vicinity fall into a coma, which came in handy during robberies etc.

This is an actual Hand of Glory specimen at the Whitby Museum in England. Very interesting and super disturbing.

Please send me your thoughts on this case, it's a doozy!

Next up we have the very very interesting and disturbing case of the Eriksson twins. So the basis of this story is all about the concept of Folie à deux which is when delusions and or hallucinations are shared from one person to another. From franch means 'Madness of Two'.

The most compelling part of this case is that there just so happened to be a small television crew following the one group of police officers who responded to a call about Sabina and Ursula walking down the motorway. I talked about the 60 minutes episode about this and it IS super interesting, I suggest watching it if you want to hear more about this case. It also does have the footage of the incident with the sisters. 2:15 is the start of the footage on the motorway.


Let me know what you think about the sentence that was given, do you agree with the family? Do you think they were faking it? Do you think it's possible to know which twin suffered the break?

Definitely a lot of questions in this case.

NEXT EPISODE IS THE HALLOWEEN EPISODE! I will be talking about an amazing and very active home in Drumheller Alberta.

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