Histories and Mysteries 2!! Season 1 Finale!

Hi everyone, thank you so much for tuning in again and THANK YOU for all of your listens and comments all season. I can't wait to bring you more in Season 2. If you didn't listen to the end of the episode, make sure to check that out if you do want an sneak peek for 2020.

Thank you so much to my good friend Breanne for joining me again, we always have so much fun, I hope she can join us again next year for more mysteries. Please check out her amazing website HERE and find here on Instagram at BreanneMariePhoto and Facebook HERE. As we said, she is currently booking into 2021! She books up so fast so if you are looking for an amazing photographer for any of life's greatest moments, BOOK her and book her FAST. **Love you Breanne!**

So the first mystery we talked about is the Dyatlov Pass Incident:

Igor Dyatlov took a team of hikers out to climb a difficult pass in order to earn their tier three certification. The hikers were not heard from in Early February when they were expected and a discovery team was dispatched to search. It was the remnants of the group's tent that was found and provided the first part of the mystery...when the tent was later analyzed it was found that there were cuts in the tent from the inside...but WHY?

Later, two of the members of the group were found in the nearby woods by the remains of a fire. They were in their underwear and had bare feet.

The Dyatlov Group
The tent when it was found
The Tent stretched over a rope to inspect the cuts.
The First two found by the fire in the woods

The two bodies above that were found were said to have had a dark tan to orange look to their skin. Breanne and I were talking about how maybe this was a result of hypothermia? Well, I looked into this further and with third degree frostbite your skin would turn red or white but further thank that, you have blue or black. Hypothermia as far as I can tell does not turn your skin orange or tan...You can see in the image that their skin looks dark but it's hard to tell the colour in a black and white photo. Could this have been a result of radioactive testing or is there a simpler explanation?

One of the three found on the way back to the tent.

Three other bodies were found in positions suggestive to them trying to make their way back to the tent. The four others were found months later under four meters of snow. I did accidentally say four feet at one point. To clarify, it WAS four meters. I am not going to include images of the four, I just feel like some of the images are really upsetting, if you are interested in seeing more images and more about the four found in the ravine area, head to www.dyatlovpass.com this is the site that I was talking about in the episode. This is the most comprehensive site I've found on this incident, there are autopsies, theories, maps, photos etc. You WILL get lost in it, so beware!

We went through many of the theories...what do you think??

Here is the map, also from the dyatlovpass.com site, This is a great image that shows the route and where the tent and the bodies were found.

I had mentioned the 'Yeti' Photograph to Breanne but I actually forgot to show her! Here is the illusive Yeti photo for all of you. Yes, people believe that this could have been a photo of the creature, this image was retrieved from Thibeaux Brignolle's camera. I am far from an expert on Cryptozoology but this looks like a person, probably a person from the group in the distance, I feel like you can see that they're wearing clothing etc, the proportions look human...but this is a real theory that has been tossed around. (click on the photo to be taken to the Yeti Theory, where they talk about the image as well)

Here is the memorial to the entire group, such a sad tragedy, made even more horrible by the fact that the answers also died that day on the mountain.

The next story that we talked about it the Canadian story and this is the Falcon Lake Disaster. Falcon lake is in southern Manitoba, very close to the Ontario border and as I mentioned (as you can see below, it is very close to the U.S border.

Our story follows industrial mechanic Stefan Michalak who fancied himself a bit of an amateur prospector. One long weekend he went out to falcon lake to check out a spot that he had scoped out before. He believed there were some good silver and quartz deposits. Here are the welding goggles that he would wear while prospecting, the ones that he wore that day. Now if you'll recall, when Stefen saw the craft, even in mid daylight, the lights from the craft were so bright that he felt like he needed to wear these.

Once Stefen witnessed the one craft land on the rock, he sat an sketched it. You can see the original drawing and notes that he made below. By his approximation and remember his profession, he had a pretty good eye for mechanical details, he notes that it was approximately 35 to 40ft! I find this so fascinating.

Next, when Stefan approached the craft, he attempted to make contact with the occupants whom he described as talking but either they were speaking too low or in a dialect he didn't know. He peered inside and then reached out to touch the craft before it took off, blasting him in the chest with hot air, setting his clothing on fire. In the photos below you can see his shirt which had a grid like pattern burned into it, his burned hat. Also his welding gloves which had the melted tips from touching the craft. Just for some perspective...welding gloves can withstand 500 degrees Fahrenheit and in short increments, 1000 degrees. So that really just blows my mind...he touched it quickly and it melted the tips, how HOT was it!?

This is a really famous image of Stefan and his burns. He was also confirmed to have radiation poisoning and really the physical injuries bothered him for the rest of his life. He did attend the mayo clinic a while later and was determined to be of sound mind. The story that he told never wavered. His son would say that from being in the army, he was of the belief that if you see something, you should report it. Though years later his son would say that Stefan regretted saying anything because of all of the attention that it brought. His son said that he did experience some bullying in school. His father maintained for his LIFE that he did not ever say that it was aliens, he believed that it was some sort of experimental craft. Below is a piece of radioactive metal, with a toonie for size. This was found embedded in the rock that the craft was said to have landed on. Stefan's son has a piece.


This is a link to the full, original interview with Stefan. Weirdly, I can't find the site page that I had found with all of the documents??? So hopefully this pdf doesn't disappear too...

The next story that we talked about was a little story about a little boy named Ryan Hammond. Ryan started speaking of his past life at the age of 4 years old. His mother was looking through a book about old Hollywood, when he pointed to a man named Martin Martyn, an old Hollywood agent and claimed that this was him!

His mother found the actors name (Martin was an actor at one point) and the man that Ryan claimed was George...she later found out that the other man in the photo he pointed t, was named George Raft.

Not only was Ryan right about these two things but right about where Martin lived, the children he had, friends he knew (senator Ives). He also retold stories of lavish vacations he took, dancing on broadway, being married five times, he even told his mother about how many sisters he had. All of this proved true and there were even details that, when they later spoke with Martyn's daughter, she was un aware of.

If you're not a believer in reincarnation, like Ryan's mother was, this is the type of story that can really challenge that belief. How could this little boy have known ALL of this!? Let me know what you think!

The final story was my surprise to Breanne, she had told me about a story of a girl named Mary Vennum. This story is wild, it's part reincarnation...part possession? I have never heard anything like this before.

This is Mary Lurancy Vennum or 'Rancy', a young girl who began to experience fits that would put her in a trance or coma like state for hours a day. During these episodes, she would speak of angels and demons, about deceaced loved ones and even speak in other voices. Her parents were lost and sought out many doctors to help their daughter. The only diagnosis was 'mental illness' and she was recommended to be sent to the state Asylum. Her parents felt as though there was no other option and prepared to part with their child. Intervention however would come from a man named Asa Roff, who not only had a proposition to help them but had strangely experienced almost the same situation with his own daughter years earlier. Asa's daughter was Mary Roff and she too had experienced fits

identical to Rancy's. She suffered however, much longer than Rancy as her episodes lasted from the time she was an infant. Mary could 'see' with a blindfold and would channel the spirits of people who had long since passed. Her parents, like the Vennum's sought any answer they could. After Mary attempted to kill herself, she was sent to the same Asylum that Rancy would be referred to. She would pass away shortly after, leaving her family to turn to spiritualism to search for answers.

The Vennums agreed to Asa's offer and let Rancy become mesmerized by a Dr. Stevens. She took on violent spirits before collapsing and allowing Mary Roff to take over. Mary explained that the angels had taken Rancy to heaven to cure her and would return her when she was ready.

In the meantime, Mary would go to live with her family the Roffs and would fit right back into her old family and life. They would hold seances and she would channel spirits for people who would come to see her. She would tell people of her experience in heaven and even spoke of her own funeral. Many people attempted to test her with things that only she would know and as far as I've seen...no one could dispute the claims.

When Rancy did come back around the time that Mary had told them she would, she appeared to be restored and cured from all that had ailed her. The photo below is of Rancy and her child,

Shortly after her return, she married a man named George Binning and appeared to live a happy and healthy life until she passed away in the early 50's.

I hope you have all enjoyed this finale episode, I hope you will all enjoy the holiday season and I look forward to season 2! It's already shaping up to be a phenomenal season. If you didn't listen to the very end, please do, as I give some sneak peeks to Breanne. Also make sure to check out the extra blog post on the Lost Lemon Mine that is exclusive to the blog.

Until next time!

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