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Hi Everyone, I hope you have enjoyed Part 1 of my conversation of Unsolved Mysteries with my dear friend Breanne. I would just like to reiterate that we are not experts on any of these cases, all of the opinions expressed in this episode are our own and the facts presented are true to the best of our knowledge. If you enjoyed learning about some unsolved mysteries and would like to hear more, please let me know! I know that I certainly had fun doing something a little different.

The first case that I terrified Breanne with is the tragic and mysterious case of Elisa Lam and the Notoriously haunted Cecil Hotel.

The haunted hotel is now under another name 'Stay on Main'. Sadly however, I don't think a change in name will change the energy that must be palpable in this building. With around 16 documented deaths on the premises...I'm not sure I would want to stay here.

This is the image that the LAPD used on the posters that were distributed after her disappearance. But as we know, there were no leads and eventually the case would begin to take some strange turns. Around the same time as the poster distribution, the LAPD also released a video of Elisa in the hotel elevator. This is a video that has baffled people since it's release and has fuelled MANY theories on what could have been going on with her. It is very disturbing for sure and I get some supernatural vibes from it for sure, it you will recall, Breanne was really freaked out by it. Make sure to note the strange hand movements. The video that I've linked is an overview of the entire case which you are welcome to watch, the hosts actually go to the Cecil hotel and investigate some things such as how easy or hard it is to find the roof fire escape. Fast forward to roughly 1:58 for the elevator video. Also please note that the full video is supposedly around 4 minutes long, the release video was condensed however.

So as we come to find out, in the weeks that follow, hotel guests begin to complain of low water pressure, discolored and even odd tasting tap water. Tragically and stomach churning for the guests...it turns out that Elisa's body is then found in one of the four 1,000 gallon tanks on the Cecil's roof. Now these tanks are high up and it's not a simple task to get to the top without a ladder.

The cause of death was ruled accidental drowning. Looking at this photo, I can't help but wonder if the hatch was open and she fell in? There are of course theories that she might not have been alone. This case leaves EVERYONE with more questions than answers and sadly sometimes we forget with these sensationalized cases that there is a family and friends who are without their daughter, friend, cousin. R.I.P Elisa.

The next case that I traumatized my dear friend with is the tragic case of little Pauline Picard.

So as you will recall, little Pauline went missing from the family farm in France in April 1922. Roughly a month later the police contacted the Picard family and let them know that a little girl they believed to be Pauline was found in a place called Cherbourge. Now this baffled many people because of the distance and as you'll see in the graphic below, this is a map showing just how far, it really was. (This is the map that I showed Breanne) But when showed a photograph, the Picard's immediately recognized the little girl as Pauline.

In this episode all I knew about the other little one, is that she was taken to an orphanage. Well I did find another update and sadly the little girl, whom they named Marie-Louise Pauline, was taken to an orphanage Franciscan Sisters of Notre-Dame-du-Voeu. Tragically though, little Marie-Louise passed away during the measles epidemic of 1924. (https://morbidology.com/the-mysterious-case-of-pauline-picard/) So all around this is such a tragic case and to this day, it remains cold and unsolved. I believe the case has remained unsolved with the skull of the man found with Pauline's body as well.

The last story of Part 1 was the amazing reincarnation story of Dorothy Louise Eady or as she

would later be known as Omm Sety. Breanne was very skeptical when I told her that the last story I had for her was a happier one. So I'm glad that after the sad and tragic first stories, she really enjoyed this one, as did I.

This is one of the most famous cases of past lives/ reincarnation and I can see why. Dorothy was an amazing example of this and never let go of the knowledge that she had regained from her life in Egypt. As you'll recall she would NEVER let go of the fact that the temple Abydos had beautiful gardens and trees, this was something she claimed as a young child and maintained for the rest of her life.

This is Temple Abydos.

If you're like myself and find Ancient Egypt fascinating, I encourage you to look into more detail about Priestesses and what their roles were. It's very interesting, it'll give you some more insight into the life of Bentrysht who Dorothy claimed to be in her past life. She also claimed to be the lover of Seti I who was a pharoh in roughly 1290 - 1279 and was the father of Ramesses II. There are MANY sources online and at your local library if you would like to know more about Seti I.

This is one of the images that I showed Breanne of Omm Sety in her later life. She just looks so happy in this photo. It looks like she is at the temple Abydos, where she spent a lot of her time. She believed that she would reunite with her love Seti I in the afterlife.

There are many, many resources on this remarkable story, of course there are skeptics...but most will agree that they cannot explain her knowledge or her discoveries.

NY times article 1987 -


The search for Omm Sety - Book


Book -


Documentary - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFOmhMXPIdU

Part two of Histories and Mysteries is out on Thursday!

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