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Happy Halloween Halloween Everyone!

welcome back to the regular program, I hope you all have enjoyed the fun and different episodes I did this month. I had a blast but as I said in this episode, I'm happy to be back to normal programming.

So this episode was awesome, I know... I'm biased because to me, every story and episode is awesome. This episode has some wild connections, so I have known for months that this episode for Halloween, would be about the Johnston home and the Prince house. I just really thought that these two homes would go together really well. Well firstly I found out that the Johnston home owner Justin was going to be joining the CAPI paranormal team (of which he is now a team member) in Calgary for an investigation at the Prince house. What are the odds I thought? Then, I had an email from Barb, who I had been corresponding with at Heritage Park about the Prince house, who told me that she would be going to Justin's home for a Prince house evidence reveal on October 26th. OK... very coincidental? and finally when Justin and I had our phone interview, it turned out to be the anniversary of Dr. Bob's death. It feels like these two locations were meant to be!

So let's start off with the Johnston house, here is an image that was provided by Justin, in the mountain of research that he sent me. As you will notice, to the bottom left of the home, is the entrance to the room where Dr. Bob was loading up his equipment when the shot was discharged.

This here, is Dr. Bob and as I said in this episode, he was a very loved member of the Drumheller community. He was a dentist for many years, a loving family man, a member of his local Masonic Lodge and appeared to be a very helpful person to anyone in need.

Another, more lengthy article about Dr. Johnston

Dr. Bob's Obituary was as follows:

"From The Plaindealer, Drumheller, Thursday, October 15, 1936:

Hundreds of residents of the Drumheller valley who had viewed Dr. Robert James Johnston as friend sought to crowd into Knox United church Tuesday afternoon to pay their final tribute to an active community worker whose untimely passing Saturday morning came as a shock to the entire community.

A charge from a 16-gauge gun which he was making ready to load into his car preparatory to joining two friends in a holiday hunting trip pierced the head of Dr. Johnston resulting in instantaneous death.

Dr. Johnston, born 45 years ago in Brockton, Mass., served in the American Expeditionary forces before coming to Drumheller in 1918. During his 18 years residence here the doctor served on many community and civic bodies, having been a member of the School Board, in addition to holding office in the Board of Trade, Rotary Club and Masonic Lodge.

Gifted as an entertainer and raconteur, Dr. Johnston's services were in demand by organizers of community entertainments. His unfailing courtesy and willingness to devote time and effort to furthering worthy causes earned for him the friendship and respect of all classes.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Blanche Johnston, one son, Bobbie, and one daughter, Marjorie. A sister in Dawes, Iowa, also survives him.

The impressive service at Knox church, with scores being unable to gain admission, was made more beautiful by the vast array of flowers which had been sent to the bereaved family. Following the service the cortege with a guard of honor composed of brother Masons from Symbol and Drumheller Lodges, proceeded to the Drumheller cemetery where interment took place."

Justin has had many investigators in his home and along with personal experiences, there have been many pieces of evidence found. One really cool image that was captured was this:

This image was taken in the carriage house, where Dr. Bob tragically lost his life. Now, there was no fire present anywhere in the area, and yet, we see this fiery spark. This is a really strange anomaly that was not seen at the time the photo was taken.

Here are a few more photos that Justin sent me of this stunning house, I love the attention to detail in preserving the history...no wonder it's spirits seem to be content with their new home owner.

Now during the Prince House evidence reveal, the CAPI team (find their Facebook page here) decided to do it at Justin's home in Drumheller. They had so many technical difficulties and felt that it was Dr.Bob communicating. This is what Justin said "A guy from CBC was there and went through 3 batteries on his camera, the lighting stopped working for no reason around Dr. Bob’s picture and the wifi wouldn’t work for us to lives stream in the parlour room only. Parr for the course in the Johnston house!" It was still a really interesting watch, I will for sure link more live investigations from this team along with our friends Cornerstone Supernatural in Vancouver.

Peter Prince's beautiful home: *** update, Peter Prince's fourth wife Emily did also pass away in the home in 1944, so that makes five deaths in the home.***

How stunning is this house!? I don't know about you, but I'm in love with the homes of this era. and I love that it looks exactly the same!

CI realized that I didn't get too into Peter Prince himself. He is known as the Lumber Baron of Calgary, he started and ran the Eau Claire lumber company. He also conceived the Calgary Water Power Company and brought power to the streets of Calgary, becoming only the 5th city in Canada to have street lights. He did so much more, it's no wonder that Heritage Park is so proud to have the Prince house.

So this is a photo of Margaret Prince and this is what her obituary read in the Eau Claire Newspaper 1898:

"Death of Mrs. P.A. Prince With sincere regret The Herald announces today the death of Mrs. Prince, wife of Mr. PA Prince, manager of the Eau Claire Mills. The melancholy event occurred last evening about six o'clock, at the family residence on Reinneh Avenue, West.

Up to the early part of last summer Mrs. Prince enjoyed fairly good health, but since that time she has suffered a good deal, and gradually became weaker till Wednesday last when she became extremely weak. She had for the past day or two been gradually sinking till last night, when death released her from further suffering.

The deceased lady was born in the township of Mara, Ontario, exactly 58 years ago, and married Mr. Prince in 1857. In 1865 the family moved to Eau Claire, WI, where they resided until their removal to Calgary in 1886. During her residence in this city Mrs. Prince's heart and purse has been always open to cheer and help the poor and the afflicted. Her charity was bestowed freely and without ostentation. She was a noble-hearted Christian woman, and her loss will be deeply felt by all who knew her. Besides her sorrowing husband, she leaves two children, Mrs. Peter Eide, and Mr. John E. Prince, and four grandchildren. The funeral procession will leave the family residence at nine o'clock on Monday morning and will proceed to the church of St. Mary--the church which she loved so well and for which she labored so earnestly. The interment will take place in the new Catholic cemetery. Her bereaved husband and relatives will have the sincere sympathy of the community in their sad bereavement."

EMMA WALLIN PRINCE - I have not found a photo of her, but this was her obituary in the Calgary Herald 1902:

"The Herald regrets to announce the death which occurred at an early hour yesterday morning, of Mrs. Price, wife of P.A. Price, manager of the Eau Claire and Bow River Lumber company. The death of Mrs. Prince was not altogether unexpected as the deceased lady had been in failing health for a considerable time.

The funeral which took place from the family residence to the Church of the Redeemer this afternoon was attended by a large number of friends. Mr. Prince and his family will have the sincere sympathy of the community in the loss which they have sustained."

ROSA DOUGLAS PRINCE - No photo again but this is the small write up for her:

"The death of Mrs. P.A. Prince occurred yesterday afternoon at her residence, 238 4th avenue West. The deceased was aged 53 years."

EMILY DOUGLAS WHITLOCK PRINCE - No photo but here is her obituary AND this proves that there was yet another death in the home: (from the Calgary Herald 1944)

"Mrs. Emily Prince, 83, 238 4th Ave. W., died Tuesday at her home.

She was born in Southampton, England, and had lived in Calgary for ? years.

Surviving is one daughter, Miss Nora W. Whitlock, Calgary. Her husband, Peter A. Prince, former manager of the Eau Claire Lumber Mills, died in Calgary in 1925.

Funeral services will be conducted in Gooder Bros. chapel Friday at 2 p.m., with Rev. E.M. Dunn officiating. Burial will be in the Union cemetery."


So as you'll recall, the most infamous ghost of this home is the woman in white with the baby and she is usually seen in the nursery. I asked Barb if she could send me a couple photos of the nursery as it looks now. As someone who has yet to go there, I was confused a little bit by the locked doors, how did the woman see in? was the door open? But how the home is set up (as clarified by Barb) is that there are glass doors, so people can walk the hall and look into the rooms. So check out the nursery:

So we can see the rocking chair, where I'm assuming the woman in white sat down with the baby.

Now the CAPI team did an investigation this month and found some really interesting things in the nursery in particular. A recorder was set up in the Nursery and no one was in there with it or even close, by the sound of it. They caught the sounds of someone moving around in the room and the sound of a woman humming. Really clear and great evidence from this team.

They also caught another EVP that happened over top of their voices that is crazy compelling. It was at a point in the house when they were getting set up and ready to start. You hear some chatter and then over the laughter that follows, you hear a raspy whisper say "Scared". It's so clear, it's a really great catch. I will post this on the main website under the tab EVIDENCE. It's there you will find the EVP's that CAPI captured.

Lastly, there's a photo that was taken by Justin in the prince house that shows a white mist, at first it looks like it might just be a part of the carpet, but on closer inspection, it covers part of the table legs in the photo.

Photo Credit to the CAPI team: Prince House white mist

So this is everything that I have on this episode, I hope you have all enjoyed it. Please make sure to show the CAPI : Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigators team some love you can find them HERE on Facebook. It's awesome to find another group of open paranormal investigators, and this group is based in Alberta! If you would like to contact them for an investigation opportunity, please reach out, via Facebook.

Don't forget to show me some love on whatever platform you listen on. Don't be afraid to start a conversation, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Until next time


**To read more about the concept of residual energy, please check out blog 4, Coastal Hauntings.

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