Halloween Countdown - Episode 6 Bellevue Mine and Author Jo-Anne Christensen.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Halloween. I'm excited to take a bit of a break but also to be back with the next episodes in this season, so stay tuned for those announcements.

Like I said, my friend Tanis and her partner Mitch are so talented and I really appreciate that they thought of me and set me up with Jo-Anne! So you can find Tanis on instagram @_snackarias and Mitch @mitchiedagger ! check them out and give them a like.

So first let's talk about the Bellevue Mine, Alberta. You can check out their website here and here is the link to Donate.

Here is an old image of some of the miners at the entrance to the Bellevue Mine.

Here is an image of the entrance as it is today, this is what you'll see if...WHEN you visit.

Here are some images from the facebook page that you can find here

Now as I said, I will link the old newspaper articles that I found for the tragic explosion.

Thank you again to Shannon, Cailley and Cole, I hope to meet you guys next summer. We were lucky enough to get a few things from Bellevue for the Halloween Giveaways!

Next was the chat with Jo-Anne Christensen, I could have talked with her for hours, she is so interesting and basically living my dream as a ghost stories author.

What happens when you google Jo-Anne Christensen...these come up right away, these aren't all of them but this brings me back. Starting at about ten years old, I would ask for these books for every birthday and Christmas. Then I would read them and terrify myself BUT I would NEVER admit that to my parents or they would have stopped getting them for me.

I hope you all enjoyed listening to her stories, that one about the entity with the cow head, trying to stick it's tongue in the investigators head... gives me ALL OF THE CHILLS!

Thanks so much for all of your support and love this season. See you all soon.


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