Halloween Countdown Episode 5

Hello! I hope you enjoyed part one of histories and mysteries.

Let's first look at the images from the stories that I told on my own since strange things are afoot at the Real Scary Lab....

The Bridal Doll as you'll see below is thought to be the reason for strange happenings for a U.K couple.

This is the video that I had mentioned in the episode.

The place in the image below is Burton Agnes Hall, where the screaming skull story is from. If you find yourself in Burton Agnes, England check this place out. For more information click HERE

Next we jumped back in with Breanne and talked about the strange mystery of the Loretto Staircase. This is the image of the Loretto Chapel that I showed during the show.

Next we talked about different spiral staircases.


First with A we see an example of a typical staircase with a centre support column and the stairs all attached.

Next with B, there is no middle column, but there are supports on the sides.

Finally, image C is the Loretto staircase, with no centre or side supports, no nails or glue was used in construction and the staircase makes two revolutions.

Here is another view of these stairs, it's interesting to see how tight the spiral is.

This is another image that I showed Bre in the episode. So you can see on the far left, that the staircase is without stairs, this is clearly not from way back when, probably during a renovation. But it gives an idea of how the stairs would have looked when they were done and had no railings. It would have been a scary descent!

Then we talked about the Dark Mirror, now at the end of Episode 4, I said that this episode has what I think are two of the scariest haunted objects I've ever heard of and this is one of them. Maybe you're like me and mirrors are already inherently creepy! But I don't think I could look into this mirror, the stories of what people have seen...is not something I want to experience.

Scrying, also known by various names such as "seeing" or "peeping", is the practice of looking into a suitable medium in the hope of detecting significant messages or visions.

When I've thought of someone doing what I now know is called Scrying...I've thought of the crystal ball, but apparently Black Mirrors are also a common medium. There are books about black mirrors and you can even buy them on amazon! So who knows why this particular mirror seems to be sinister in nature but it's definitely something creepy that has a hold on it.

Below you will see an image of the 'Dark Mirror' and if you click the photo it will take you to the Travelling Paranormal and Occult Museum Page!

See you next week when we conclude the Histories and Mysteries Episode!


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