Halloween Countdown EP5 Histories and Mysteries Part2

Hello all, I hope you enjoyed part 2 with my girl Breanne, she is just the best and like I mentioned, she is an amazing photographer, check out her website here.

So the first story that I shared was the Catskills Crone, the one that haunts my dreams to this day and I really hope I didn't hype it up too much. Some things that scare me, might not scare another person and vice versa. I would really like to know though, what you think of this haunted object? what do you think is the scariest haunted object in the world?

Now here are the photos of the Crone that I showed Breanne.

First, this is the image of the crone as it appears on the Paramuseum.com site. (click image for link)

Here is an image of where it was found. In another article, I read that the hikers say that when the one picked up the statue, they may have even brushed off some hair that was on it. Not really realizing it until later.

Also as we stated in the episode, there was evidence that there had been a fire not too long before.

Now this image, I think creeps me out the most, this is from the paramuseum of what they found when entering the room. So he was snapped right off the cross and you can see that there is no nail in the left hand and the feet, to which they say, they've never found them. I'm sorry but this is just so creepy. This is an object that I wouldn't want to come in contact with...ever.

Check out this video, it's really neat and shows that the crone moved on it's own. The camera in this office triggered a few times and maybe it looked like nothing changed. But when the images were spliced together, as you'll see, there is definite movement.

This next object is Anna Baker's Wedding dress. This is located at this beautiful mansion in Altoona Pennsylvania called the Baker Mansion.

this is the dress that Anna Baker wanted to wear and sadly would never. It found it's way back to her and now hangs in this glass case in her room. It's in this case that people have reportedly seen it swaying from side to side.

There are other spirits that have been seen in the home, both Elias and Hettie Baker are said to remain in the mansion. Though is it the actual spirits that remain or merely an imprint?

I'm hoping to chat with a couple of employees of the museum in the future about the dress as well as some other spooky stories from around Altoona.

The last thing that I shared with Breanne was the strange mystery of Netta Fornario and the faeries of Iona, Scotland.

This is the faerie mound in Iona that is associated with this case.

There really are not many photos or evidence in this case. Many things were lost or were not documented at this time. I wonder if it was partly due to the fact that Iona is such a tiny place.

I also wanted to point out there are many spellings of faerie. such as fairy, fae, faery etc etc.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode. Tune in on Halloween for the NEXT and FINAL episode in the Halloween Countdown!


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