Halloween Countdown 4: Ghost Towns/Abandoned Locations

How cool were these locations!? I can't wait for you all to see the photos and if you've visited any before, let me know.

So first, we talked about Trinity Loop in Newfoundland. This loop was revolutionary for it's time in Newfoundland and would probably have made a really exciting ride for people. In the picture to the left, you can see that the tracks looped and actually passed under itself.

As I said, the tracks are not intact, from wear over the years and changes in the landscape and especially from the destruction of Hurricane Igor. But there are still large portions of the track that are still here and make really cool photos.

From Route 230, turn onto Route 239, following signs for Trinity and Dunfield. After 3.5 kilometers, take the unmarked road to the right.

Now moving onto McNab Island in Halifax.

Some of the military ruins.


Some photos of Wreck Cove

A.J Davis' Summer House, known as the Conrad house for the couple that lived here most recently.

The Tea House, the hope is to have this opened as a sort of restaurant or stop in for people who visit the island.

Though the original Mcnab home is no longer standing and there is nothing remaining, the family is still very present. The Family cemetery is still there and as you can see in this photo (right) they're in really good condition considering how old they are.

Below you'll see some of the tunnels of the different army forts, what a cool place to explore.

For information to visit check out this website here

Next is Coopers Falls.

These photos can be found here

To visit - The blacksmith, general store and homes are located on Cooper's Falls Rd. just east of the junction of Highways 169 & 11. The churches and cemeteries lie further down the road about four kilometres south.

Lastly was the awesome underwater ghost town of Minnewanka Landing 60feet under Minnewanka Lake in Banff, Alberta.

check out the Parks Canada site here It shows a map of the dive sites and exactly where you can find certain building remains.

How beautiful is Lake Minnewanka, let's just take a moment to appreciate how stunningly gorgeous it is.

Below you'll find some videos of divers that have recorded their dives in the lake.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. See you thursday!


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