Episode 7: Ghost Towns of B.C

The town of Bradian

I will probably end up doing a ghost town episode in each province, there are so many and please don't be mad if I missed some. If you know of some that were left out and make for cool locations to check out, please let me know in the comments below or via email! I will add them to the B.C ghost town map.

So the first town that I talked about it the abandoned town of Kitsault and I'm so excited for you to see these incredible photos. It's such a gem, like I said, I don't recommend trying to enter this place, it is private property and is (from what I've heard) patrolled by staff.

These are photos of Kitsault being built, remember the town was only active for a mere 18 months before being abandoned.

Scroll through the above photos are all by Chad Graham (https://globalnews.ca/news/1483593/ghost-town-mysteries-the-30-year-slumber-of-kitsault-b-c/) found in this great article on Kitsault by Global News.

Here are even more photos of this immaculate town (photos by Bob Steventon via Flikr https://www.ripleys.com/weird-news/canada-ghost-town/)

I find these photos so fascinating and I hope you do too. As I said in this episode...we have yet to see if anything will be done with this town, the owner continues to pour money into the constant upkeep, but it remains abandoned.

The next town I talked about was the town of Ocean Falls, though this place is not completely abandoned it is very remote, only accessible by boat or air. The photos of the abandoned portions that remain are quite stunning. Nature is truly reclaiming this town...

Here are some great photos by Robert Berdan from https://www.canadiannaturephotographer.com/oceanfalls.html check it out for more photos and information on Ocean Falls.

You can take the ferry or there are numerous expeditions and tours that stop at ocean falls. I will list all of the links that I can find in the Maps/Tours tab.

The next place that I talked about is Tranquille Sanatorium, this place is very rich in history and tragedy. Many people found their end at Tranquille and some may still be hanging around.

In this panoramic shot, you can really see how vast this place is, as I said in the episode, there were 40 buildings, including their own post office, dairy, many residence buildings for the staff and three large hospital buildings among other things.

So the company that took over is called Tranquille Farm Fresh, as of now, they do offer different tours and an escape room in the actual tunnels if that is something you would be interested in. Keep an eye on their website to access their 2019 events and tours, their programming begins August 31st. The escape room however is available at the moment and can be booked through their website as well for $30 a person. https://tranquillefarmfresh.com/

This is an example of the kind of buildings left behind, as you can see, for an abandoned place...they're in decent shape and most of the buildings are still standing in some form or another. If you want to see this place, I would go sooner rather than later as the plans from the current owners are to update the entire place into a new sustainable community. So the opportunity to see it like this may be quickly disappearing.

Here is a photo of Waverly Hills Sanitorium, which I mentioned, this was another place where many tuburculosis patients went and subsequently passed away. This is one of the most notoriously haunted locations in the U.S and maybe even the world. It is located in Louisville, KY. If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, you NEED to check it out, they run tours all of the time and if you click on the photo below, it will take you to the Waverly Hills Website.

Moving on to 3 Valley Gap, this place is a full on tourist location, all of the buildings are real buildings that have been brought to this location and restored. Much of the furniture and items are either original to the building or from the actual era of the buildings. You will see mannequins and little scenes set up.

The hours are 9am to 5pm ~ April - May 31st & September 7th - Early October

8am to 8pm ~ June 1st - September 6th. Adults are $14. You can find more information and the all admission rates on their website at https://www.3valley.com/heritage_resort/ghost_town.htm

Here are some photos from the 3 Valley Gap website, the Bellevue Hotel (top left) and the Round house. As you can see in the top right photo, this is the turn table that Rosina says has moved on it's own. http://www.3valley.com/

The last town that I covered was Sandon.

Check out the map below for the locations and for more awesome Ghost towns!

Here is a map with the relative locations of the ghost towns that I spoke about (orange) and some other places that would be great stops on a road trip (blue). Check out the list below to see what you can expect from each place.

Ainsworth - On the shore of Kooteney lake and apparently home to some great hot springs! There are some town remnants still standing, a dock, some of the mine and an old cemetery.

Alice Arm - While this town is REALLY cool, it's not easily accessible. There you will find some very well preserved buildings, a 1920 school house, bakery and several derelict homes. This place is unique in that there are some newer homes and residents still summer there.

Anyox - Another tough place to get to, only by boat or float plane, but IF you have the chance, it's truly amazing! There's quite a lot of buildings still standing. The town has been abandoned for 80+ years.

Bralorne - You'll find this town just north of Pemberton and 4 hours from Vancouver. NO hiking required, you can drive right up to the town. There are many buildings and much of the townsite still there.

Coal Creek - You may remember this ghost town from Episode 2, there isn't too much left here but you can definitely spot elements of the old town. It's supposed to be a very nice hike and beautiful scenery.

Phoenix - Was once a large copper mining town with 4000 townspeople, 20 hotels, saloons, casinos, 4 churches, city hall, skating rink, hospital, brewery, opera house and telephone and power companies. The town was abandoned in 1919 becoming the largest ghost town in Canada. Though, there is not much left here but a cemetery that's been maintained by locals, it is still a draw for many people.

Yale - Another tourist location. Many buildings remain and are maintained. Established in 1848 as a Hudsons Bay Company trading post grew to 30,000 residents during the 1858 Gold Rush. Would be a neat place to see, admission is $10.00 for an adult check out http://historicyale.ca/ for more information.

Don't forget to tune in next week for Episode 8 part 1 and 2 of my interview with Paul Busch of Cornerstone Supernatural.

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