Episode 6: A Little Bit of Everything

***NOTE in this episode I said that the victim in the screaming doppelganger case was Donna MARTIN...please note that her name was Donna MITCHELL. Thank you***

The first place we looked at was the Hells Gate Airtram. While the actual Airtram might not be haunted, the buildings and area surrounding it certainly are. Johnnies haunted stove is a must see if you go here. If you're brave enough, you can check out the Gold panning area where the man with the red eyed dogs has been seen.

This location seems like a really cool gem to explore.

Now onto the infamous Kanaka Pete and the Haunting of Newcastle island in Nanaimo.

the area where Kanaka Pete is supposedly buried is one of the areas where camping is not permitted. However, if you're looking to have a paranormal experience, word is, anywhere on the island and especially near Kanaka Bay is teeming with energy. There is actually a placard with information about Kanaka pete as you'll see below.

Now for the disembodied feet that I was talking about. Some people believe that the disembodied feet are from people who have gone missing from Kanaka Bay. However, this is not something that I have seen as a possibility and like I mentioned, I have not found proof that there have been missing persons from this island.

Here are some links to some articles about the missing feet and the theories of what or how they could be coming to be.




The video that I spoke about that is a supposed found footage video of some students who went missing is up on youtube, check it out if you would like to see it. It makes a creepy video and definitely fuels the creepy campfire tales for locals, here is the video's website...note the imdb rating!


Beacon hill Park is the home of the Screaming Doppelganger. Most of the articles and stories report that it is at this intersection that the events occurred, the corner of Douglas and Southgate street in Vancouver. So of course I consulted the ever so trusty, google street view to show you.

I don't know the exact rock but if you see a woman in a meditative pose in this area...approach with caution...

Now, let's not forget the woman who is said to be the apparition is that of Donna Mitchell, who was brutally murdered and buried in a shallow grave. Sadly, her killer was never brought to justice and the case remains cold to this day.

Here's a link for more information on the case: https://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/leads-in-slaying-went-cold-with-suspect-s-suicide-1.8561

I mentioned some higher profile cases of Doppelgangers, of these cases, here are a couple of the most famous:

Abraham Lincoln - On the night of his first election, Abraham was alone resting on the couch and turned to look at a mirror on the far wall. In the mirror, he saw more than his own reflection staring back at him...beside him was a doppelganger. He did confess to a few trusted friends later that he saw this, describing the other 'him' as ghostly and pale. His wife was very upset about this and interpreted this as her husbands warning that he would soon die...we all know how that story ends.

The Empress of Russia - She was in bed one night when her servants woke her, they had just seen her in the throne room, she rushed in to see herself sitting on the throne. Catherine died weeks later of a stroke.

Queen Elizabeth I - She walked into her room one night to find her double in her bed, motionless, pale and shivering. From folklore, she knew that this was a bad omen, she died shortly after.

Read about more famous doppelganger cases here: https://m.martianherald.com/9-mystifying-cases-doppelganger-phenomenon/page/1

Now in present day, there are actually studies and articles that are far less sinister. Out of all of the people in the world, there are bound to be some similarities. It's more likely that the fine and small details aren't identical but it's the sum of the whole that looks similar. There was a pretty awesome photo project that brought 'Twin Strangers' together and oddly some of these people led strangely similar lives. Check it out. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/strangers-who-look-like-twins-im-not-a-lookalike_n_4575750?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNhLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAKhAYeV67WwE_Da7YQZvl70g8UhbhZl8LWMdjUt9sOPU8t9rEW8koXub2FxvklpArZJ0fc0H5wsG2d6FRTA5v05YK1Ms42ycmkTKWd8-T14nm4qLxKgbCtinf9pKucSO0B4MJFDUq-SPgeOEmenjH5pIqLi0fYKg31JQYwlLfQKx

Now moving on to the crazy tale of Francis Rattenbury, this is a photo of a young Ratz, as you can see, he was a very handsome young man.

As you'll recall, the description of the man that was seen by the couple at the Empress, was a tall man with thin moustache and wearing a 'frock coat'. A frock coat is basically a double breasted coat with tails that was very popular in Victorian times. You'll see an example below.

These are some photos of Florence (Nunn) Rattenbury (https://archives.victoria.ca/florence-eleanor-rattenbury-nee-nunn) Note in the first photo, their daughter Mary, who would later become the liaison between her parents when they were no longer speaking.

Around the early 1920s, he met another woman, 30 years his jr. by the name of Alma Pakenham.

She began an affair with 17 year old George Stoner, who had been hired as the family's chauffeur and handyman.

Rattenbury's grave was unmarked for a number of years until an amateur historian John Motherwell purchased a granite headstone to mark his grave in the Bournemouth cemetery. It was unveiled in 2008.

I hope you have enjoyed the episodes so far, please keep an eye on my socials for announcements of when the next episodes will be coming out. Until next time....

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