Episode 5: Part 2!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed part 1 and congratulations to @BreanneMariePhoto, the winner of the Instagram t-shirt giveaway. Make sure to check in with Facebook, I have one more t-shirt to giveaway! I will be drawing a name on September 10 (2019)

Let's get right into the houses that were covered in this episode. Point Ellice House in Victoria, was the first home that I talked about and as you can see from this photo, it's stunning. The gardens and woodwork in on this home are preserved immaculately.

To the right, you'll see a photo of Kathleen O'Reilly. She, along with all of her family really, loved their home and gardens at Point Ellice. As you'll recall, it's Kathleen who supposedly gave the tour of the house in the 70's to help out her niece Inez.

Below you'll find a photo of the O'Reilly matriarch Caroline who was not too happy with the two tourists camping on her property.

The other element to the story that I think has a huge impact on the area and has it's own haunting story is that of the Point Ellice Bridge disaster.

Now Imagine this streetcar packed with 143 people aboard, all of those people in this car would have made it very hard to escape. You can also see the bridge behind and the collapsed portion. As Peter O'Reilly described, they could see all of this from their property, the streetcar was brought up just adjacent to the property.

http://uvac.uvic.ca/gallery/spreitz/point-ellice-bridge-disaster/ this is a video that was done quite some time ago through the province, the sound isn't great but it's got some really good information about what happened, eyewitness accounts and the trial that followed. The bridge was found to be rotten and built poorly and cheaply. The street car was around 21 tonnes and in the trial ...the bridge was found to not be able to safely support more than 10 tonnes. The city was found negligent and guilty in the trial, they paid out over $100,000 in damages. The streetcar company was absolved of any responsibility.

https://livinglifeinfullspectrum.com.au/blog/water-and-the-paranormal/ Here is a link to an a great article about how water is linked to paranormal activity. It talks about the theory from multiple angles. The main belief that I've heard is about how the surroundings basically record an imprint of a tragedy. We've talked about the idea of imprints in other episodes, I'm thinking of the S.S Valencia specifically, this is a case where a tragedy happened on the water and the experiences and sightings related to imprinting are well documented. I personally believe that this is something that is credible in the paranormal world.

The next home that we talked about was Beban House, this house has many strange happenings attached to it, namely the young boy and his rubber ball, the ball is heard bouncing down the steps and he was also the subject of many preschooler's drawings.

This is a google street view of the Beban House as it sits now, I talked with Nanaimo Tourism, who is no longer in the building and they believed it to be closed currently...so I have yet to confirm if anyone is renting the home for office space right now. But as I said the building sits on the one end of Beban Park, so you can certainly see the exterior of the home. It's at a location where there is currently a community garden. I'm going to link the creepy canada episode where they spoke about Beban house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wme1k4nPa1c&t=110s this was a great show, I really wish they'd bring it back, also enjoy the 90s style!

The next home is the Fairacres Mansion, now known as the Burnaby Art Gallery. This is aesthetically my favourite home of the bunch, it was so beautiful.

The Beautiful Fairacres Mansion, Burnaby B.C

Here is a photo of Grace Ceperley, one of the most notable spirits who reside at the historical mansion. Remember that she loved her home and her garden. It's said that she remains on the grounds, drawn back to calm the turmoil that happened in the years that followed her death.

Below you will find one of the many articles that came out once the Wolsey was exposed, sadly though, the horrific damage had been done and had no doubt stained the Fairacres grounds.


Like I said, there isn't a lot of information about this cult and William Wolsey, just some newspaper articles but that's about it. No photos and not much about the cult itself.

The last place I brought to you is the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, U.S.A

I spoke about the famous photograph that was taken, many people believe this apparition to be Chloe. The researcher who looked into the photo did say that the measurements are indicative of a human form. Note that you can see the lines of the house slats through the shadowed form. I think this is a pretty amazing photo, let me know what you think below!

Here is one of the most famous images of one of the Plantations Ghosts...can you see her?

Let's zoom in

Now a little closer, note the detail you can see in her dress...what do you think?

This is a photo of the mirror in the plantation where people claim to see handprints that appear to be inside the mirror as well as faces and shadowed figures.

I also spoke briefly about my ancestor Timothy Armstrong...at least that was his documented name when he was eventually freed. He was brought to America on a slave ship, that's all wwe know, it's not known what his name was before or where he was from exactly. He was actually given as a slave to a Cherokee tribe in Anadarko, Oklahoma and eventually gained favour for his hard work and became a member of the group. His nickname was Strong Arm and that's where the last name Armstrong eventually came from.

He actually ended up marrying Lucretia, a Cherokee 'princess'. Another interesting thing and it's very noticeable in the family portraits that we have, dark skin was always painted as lighter, in this image he looks like a white man but in reality, he was very dark. Below you'll see photos of both Timothy and Lucretia circa 1880, these can be seen in the book 'Black Pioneers' by John W. Ravage.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, next episode will be the last FULL B.C episode. I will be talking about the ominous Hells Gate Airtram, the Nanaimo legend of Kanaka Pete, a very creepy story from Beacon Hill Park in Vancouver and the absolutely insane story of a famous Victoria architect who is known to haunt his most famous buildings. Until next time, this is your friendly neighbourhood host.

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