Episode 12 - Crowsnest Pass

Hi Everyone, as always, I hope you have enjoyed this episode about the Frank Slide and Big Charlie, The Hillcrest Mine Disaster and the Tragic case of Montie Lewis. **please remember that everything that I present, is to the best of my knowledge, true.**

Let's start off with Frank Slide, as I said this is a well known disaster to most Canadians, but there are some misconceptions. The slide from Turtle mountain did not bury the entire town like many believe and there were many survivors, not the ONE baby girl that was widely rumoured. Let's take a look at some of the photos of Frank before the slide.

If you look at this Plaque about the Frank Slide it states "...Destroyed the town of Frank..." and it's these exact statements that perpetuated the myth that the entire town was buried. Even though the plaque goes on to specify that it destroyed homes, mining plant etc... it's that statement that will stick in the minds of people.

Here is a quote from (https://www.thesocialhistorian.com/frank-rock-slide/)

"In the house of Sam Innes were quietly sleeping Innes, his wife, and three children. The house was overturned three times, and yet the occupants were practically uninjured. This was the only house caught in the slide in which the occupants survived" A story of amazing survival.

Here is another Image looking down on some of the destruction, this would have been to the edge of the debris field.

Like I had said, there were some amazing stories of survival and near misses and here is one that was not shared in the podcast. More can be found here

"Lillian Clarke

Working in a boarding house across Gold Creek, she had planned to return home after work. Her father, Alex, was a miner on the night shift and her siblings, aged five to 15, were all asleep in bed when the slide happened.

Lillian had never spent a night away from home in her entire life but as it was so late when she finished her shift, her co-workers encouraged her to stay at the hotel and not return to her family across Gold Creek.

She chose to spend the night at the boarding house, a move that saved her life." - there is a well known discovery later when a crew was working on digging a new road, seven bodies were recovered in the remains of a house, these were believed to be the remains of Lillian Clarke's family.

So here is a map of the site now. You can see from the satellite that the slide is still very evident. I wanted to show where the town was and where the town moved to. So just like Joey said, the town moved North West of the original location.

please make sure to check out the Map/Tour Tab for how you can visit the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre.

Next I want to talk about the Hillcrest Mine Disaster

Also as I had said, here is the memorial page with much more information:


Next I talked about the tragic murder of Montie Lewis, there are quite a few articles about this tradgedy and about the murderer Mike Philips' subsequent murder and escape from capture.

So now you can see, this was a huge story at this time. As I said, Mike was eventually acquitted of the murder and a large part of the defence was that because she ran a house of 'ill-repute, it could have been anyone who could have carried out the murder. Only a short while later, Mike Phillips murdered his estranged wife Rosy.

Below, is the only image of Mike Phillips that I've been able to drum up. No photos of the victims however.

As we talked about with the Stone Tape Theory and the fact that the majority of the material that fell and is now covering the Frank site is limestone. We know that this is highly conductive to paranormal activity, if this is something that you believe is or could be true...then it's plausible that Montie, who was killed just adjacent could be drawn back here. Or perhaps the wailing is a recording from her brutal murder that night.

what do you think? have you ever been to the Frank site? or Hillcrest?

Tune in next week when I finish out the season with another episode of unsolved mysteries. I talk about the Dyatlov Pass, a Canadian Extraterrestrial event, another story of amazing reincarnation and a story that I surprised Breanne with!


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