Episode 1 - Haunted Objects

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Welcome to the first Episode blog. This is where you'll be able to see some photos and where I will link the points that I referred to in the episode. I hope that if you're here, that means you enjoyed what I had to say and you want MORE!

So the first thing that I spoke about was Mandy (Photo to the left) and her counterparts Annabelle and Robert, though to me, the only thing they truly have in common is that they're all dolls with paranormal activity surrounding them. Annabelle is supposedly inhabited by a demon and Robert can be more malevolent....our Mandy however, is mischievous but I haven't hear anything evil about her. Even the physical reactions people have, might just be that they're extremely sensitive to energy...I don't think that it's actually something sinister connected to her. Don't forget that if you visit Mandy, you may take photos of her but only without flash.

There is a little story that was not in this episode about Mandy, a woman once came with her video camera and attempted to film Mandy. Her camera light would go off and on every 5 seconds or so...but when she turned the camera to another exhibit, it would work just fine. As the story goes, the mystery didn't stop there. When the woman went home and attempted to put the tape in the VCR, it became jammed and she was unable to remove the tape without it being destroyed. So with that being said, please respect the museums wishes and Mandy and do not use flash with your photos...if you like your phone that is.... Even by doing this, prepare yourself to be missing her photo by the time you get home. IF you are successful and have a photo of Mandy, please send it to me! I would love to see it.

Now the two other Dolls that she is most compared to are as I said Annabelle and here is the link to the warrens occult museum where she is currently kept locked up tight in a cabinet. http://www.warrens.net/annabelle/ it's here where you can read up on her if you are not familiar with the real Annabelle story. As far as I know, the Warren's museum has been closed to the public for the last while, so I don't think it's actually possible to see Annabelle up close anymore. Now that Lorraine Warren is gone (R.I.P) hopefully Annabelle will not fall into the wrong hands.

The next Doll is Robert the doll who currently resides at the Fort East Martello Museum https://www.kwahs.org/exhibitions/robert-the-doll they have a great little write up about him. Just remember to always ask his permission if you want to take his photo. There are multiple stories about bad things happening to people who don't ask his permission. The museum receives many letters addressed to Robert asking for his forgiveness and apologizing for any disrespect. They still receive letters to this day. Not going to lie, I'm superstitious and asked and thanked Robert out loud through my computer screen to use this photo...can't be too careful. If you're going to be in Florida and want to visit this museum, it looks amazing in general, but of course pay Robert a visit and don't forget to be respectful. The gift shop also actually sells a small Robert the Doll replica for approximately $40 - $60 USD...it looks pretty neat. Just like Annabelle, if you have seen him in person, let me know your story.

So moving on to the other objects at the Quesnel Museum, unfortunately I don't have photos of them but they are currently on display. If you would like to visit the Quesnel Museum, it is at 705 Carson Ave, Quesnel, BC V2J 2B6 and the website is http://www.quesnelmuseum.ca/ the admission is VERY reasonable at $10 for a family, $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and Youth pay $2! Kids 5 and under are free. So a visit to this museum will not break the bank! I will put a map up in the Maps/ Tours section at the top of my sight so you can get an idea of where it is. If you pay them a visit please let them know that you heard about them through the Real Scary Podcast and don't forget to let me know what you think!

The last story that I brought to you was from the stunning historical Roedde House in Vancouver.

This is still one of my favourite stories, as I mentioned in the Episode, just because the name of the podcast is Real SCARY Podcast, doesn't necessarily mean that every story is terrifying. Most Real stories are not scary in terms of Hollywood horror. I could certainly add some twists and turns and creepy ghosts but that just wouldn't be true. Something I really hope people get from this podcast is that the truth might not be jump scares and possessions...(thankfully) but when you really put yourselves in the shoes of the people in these stories, ask yourself how you would feel. In some cases the fear is subtle and in some cases, more obvious but what they all have in common... is that they are true.

The Christmas Clock, Currently Located in the Parlor.

So what I love about this particular object is that it's sort of whimsical. Here is this beautiful ornate clock (left) and it comes to life with seemingly no explanation of how. Just so happens to be playing it's beautiful melodies during the month of December.

The unique thing about these stories is also about how the people involved react. This situation could have been interpreted in a scarier way, but the employees at the Roedde House didn't seem to mind it or have anything but curiosity for their now beloved Christmas Clock. I am so excited to know if the clock will fill the House with music again this December. As of now (June 2019) it has not made one peep. I will keep in touch with the museum manager and see what happens this Christmas Season and I will of course update all of you.

My Clock and Watch Expert Opinion!

As I mentioned, I contacted a clock and watch expert as part of my research and here is the response he gave me. This is the only possible explanation I've been able to find. Though it all relies on whether or not this clock works off of a balance regulated movement...if it's doesn't, then there is no answer. As I also mention in the episode, you also have to wonder how there was absolutely nothing to jar the clock enough to kick start it over the last years ... I personally think it would have started up by now. Of course the Janitor theory is one that other people may share. Perhaps an employee or as Kelsey thought, a board member came in a decided to fix it or wind it etc. But Kelsey did her due diligence and has assured me that she could find no one that tampered with it. A small museum like this doesn't have a huge staff of people, so I imagine it wouldn't be hard to track down an answer.

So if you would like to visit the Roedde House you can find it at 1415 Barclay Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6G 1J6. I will have another map in the same location as mentioned above with the Quesnel Museum. They are open Tuesday to Saturday 11AM to 4PM and Sunday 1PM to 4PM. You have options of a self guided tour, a guided tour in the summer (check the site https://www.roeddehouse.org/website/index.php/en/visit for hour details) for $10. There is also a $10 Sunday tea tour and group tours can be set up by emailing info@roeddehouse.org

As always please let me know if you visit the museum yourself and let them know that you heard about the Roedde House on the Real Scary Podcast.

I hope you learned something this Episode, give this post a like, follow me on Instagram and Facebook: @realscarypodcast and email me your own stories or suggestions at realscarypodcast@gmail.com. Last but certainly not least, I also hope that you will like, subscribe and tune in again next time!

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