EP 23 - Season 2 Finale: UPDATES

Hey everyone, so for the last episode of this season, I wanted to do an updates episode. I have some great updates from three places all the way back in season 1!

The first location we revisit is the beautiful Point Ellice house from part 2 of haunted homes in Season 1. Jeannine sent me a photo of the lamp that is often found on in the morning.

Photo from Point Ellice House Drawing Room

Here are some of the interesting programming that they were able to accomplish, despite the many challenges of 2020.

  • In July we launched a new exhibit, Springs and Scavengers: Waste and Water in Victoria, 1842 to 1915. It covers the history of waste management and water supply in early Victoria. We were open to the public from July to late September under COVID protocols and had some really great engagement from visitors with this new exhibit. We plan to re-open in spring, and hope that more visitors will come and learn about waste and water in early Victoria with us.

  • Beginning in 2020, we have also undertaken a multi-year project to restore the South Garden (the Kitchen/Utility Garden) at PEH. We have completed the first phase of the project, which included installing deer fencing and raised garden beds equipped with irrigation. The food we grow in the South Garden supports Sandi Merriman House, an emergency shelter for women here in Victoria. The second phase, which we will begin next year, aims to rebuild the historic greenhouse.

  • With the help of our fantastic volunteers we have been working to digitize transcribed letter collections and make these resources available to the public. You can read more about that in a blog post here, and explore some of the letters on our resource page here.

Thanks so much to Point Ellice House, I can't wait to see what the next year brings for them!

The next locations are the two from Fernie BC, Ingram Block and The Courthouse:

Here is a link to an article about the murder of Ingram.

The courthouse was spoken about in the first episode about Fernie but it's great to add these new stories!! Thanks so much to Lindsay, I appreciate the updates and I can't wait to follow up again.

If you're in the area and interested in attending the ghost tour, you can check out the information here

The last update is everyone's favourite CREEPY DOLL, Mandy of Quesnel, BC

Just as a refresher, here she is again. I'm so glad that Kevin reached out to me on Instagram to tell me his story. Now we know where Mandy's little lamb came from. It was given to her by Kevin's mom and belonged to his sister. It's neat that it's stayed with her this long.

The other person that I talked to is Mike from The Paranormal Road Trippers, who had the opportunity(??) to investigate Mandy in person.

PLEASE follow them on instagram and facebook at The Paranormal Road Trippers.

ALSO check out their youtube page here.

Keep in check with my socials to find out about the upcoming season and if you have any stories, or ideas for future locations or episodes please reach out to me.

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