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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

HI Everyone, I hope you enjoy the talk with Paul Busch from Cornerstone Supernatural Group this week. Firstly if you haven't already, please like their Facebook page HERE, there's always something interesting to read. Also make sure to check out their website HERE, It's here you'll be able to check out the evidence that they've been able to share. If they receive permission from their clients, they will share any evidence they have received. That's something that I really like about Paul and his group, they are always willing to be as transparent as possible.

So here are some of the points that we talked about in part 1:

- The energy you exude can affect or alter the energy in a place.

- They thrive on honesty and providing honest results to their clients.

- Sometimes spirit doesn't connect to certain people, so diversity in the team is important.

- Cornerstone is fully volunteer based, they don't get paid for their investigations. This is all done for the love of the investigation, to further their knowledge and out of their own interest.

- Their Facebook page is a safe space for people to talk about their own experiences.

When I asked Paul which place he would like to visit, we chatted about Zak Bagan's museum in Las Vegas. Check out the official website HERE

This place does sound pretty crazy, there are an amazing number of objects that have to have some paranormal energy attached to them. There is one in particular that has been talked about in news stories in the recent past. The object is known as The Devil's Rocking chair and was acquired from Lorraine Warren before she passed away. The chair was involved in a case of possession that the Warren's helped with in the 1980s. During the event, the chair levitated and moved on it's own... Look up the Devil Made me do it case for more of the story. Anyhow this chair was the centre of an exhibit at Zak Bagan's museum and several strange things occurred, including a woman who passed out inexplicably near the chair and supposedly something malevolent followed Zak to his own home. It was after this that the exhibit was closed in June of 2019. check out the surveillance video.


Talking points in Part 2:

- There's no time to be scared when on location (at least for him)

- For aspiring investigators - invest in a voice recorder (up to $100), K2 meter (around $40) and of course look into your local investigation groups and ask if you can join an investigation.

Check out these ones...

Voice Recorder - AMAZON , AMAZON , WALMART and if you're familiar with WISH, there are many on there as well.


- Water and granite can be conduit for paranormal activity...unknown why exactly.

- Ouijia board's could possibly feed off of the attitude you have going into it, Paul has not tried it before but is willing to if the opportunity presented itself.

- Creating a foundation of trust with clients is key when you're an investigator.

- Always ask after an investigation if things have changed since the team has been in.

If you are able to be in B.C for October 26th (2019) Cornerstone will be doing an event at the castle:

'The Royal Crown Castle joins with Cornerstone Supernatural to bring you a Supernatural Halloween & Ghost hunt. For 102 years the area was home to the British Columbia Penitentiary, the first federal penitentiary west of Manitoba. “BC Pen” opened in 1878 and was decommissioned in 1980. It was infamous for several riots and hostage-takings, most of which occurred in the 1970’s.Live music from 8-10pm presents you with Suede Dog There will be Ghost hunt activities, Séance rooms. UFO’s & the Dead, Special presentation from Cornerstone Supernatural, Magic &Spirits in the Maestro’s Lair and much more. Tickets are $45 plus tax and gratuities. Tickets include a 3 course meal and a beverage. Seating is limited, call to reserve 604-544-5020'

Sounds Amazing!!

Make sure to join me next week for the last two episodes in the Halloween Countdown. Next week I will be talking about unsolved mysteries that cover some more angles of 'Paranormal'

until next time...

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